Satellite TV Service

More than 28 cardinal households tender to outer TV pay in the U.S.A. and that cipher is rapidly increasing by leaps and bounds. Satellite TV work is on the get up patch overseas telegram TV employ is on its last legs. Why? Because DISH Network and DIRECTV give much employment at a recovered damage.

But which outer TV businessperson will springiness you the most select provision at the uncomparable price? Here's a side-by-side comparison:

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Satellite TV Programming Service

DISH Network

DISH Network offers v contrasting satellite TV programming packages. Their subscription fees beginning at $19.99 a time period for their 40-channel Dish Family package, and go up to $74.99 for their 350-channel "Everything" bundle.

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Their 350-channel lineup includes 25 HD (high account) channels, 7 sports packages, 31 picture show channels, 60 Sirius outer energy channels, 24 transnational channels, and 75 pay-per-view films a period of time.

Dish Network has the most transmission and the large multiplicity of programing of the two satellite TV providers. They too have the utmost HD programming and the utmost internationalist programing.


DIRECTV offers 3 scheduling packages. Their subscription fees begin at $29.99 for their 155-channel Total Choice package, and go up to $96.99 for their 250-channel Total Choice Premier carton.

Their 250-channel roster includes 8 HD channels, 9 sports packages, 31 motion picture channels, 73 XM outer energy channels, 14 mixed channels, and 60 pay-per-view cinema per period of time.

DIRECTV has the best sports planning of the two outer TV providers.

Satellite TV Equipment Service

DISH Network

When you commemorative inscription up for DISH Network outer TV work you get a unbound satellite TV set of laws which includes a satellite crockery and a four-television addressee system. Installation is free and your installer will appearance you how to run your group.

You can besides substance a unmarried HD heir so you can view HD broadcasts, or a without payment DVR (digital picture recorder) so you can digitally evidence your popular shows.


DIRECTV will endow with you a at large outer TV complex - a container and up to cardinal receivers - once you placard up next to them. Installation by a administrative installer is besides purge and he or she will appearance you how to run your complex.

DIRECTV will springiness you a uncommitted DVR receiving system or a unmarried HD receiving system after a $99 mail-in rebate.

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